• Dee shackle safety pin
  • Dee shackle safety pin
  • Shackle Green Pin G4153

Dee Shackles With Safety Bolt G-4153

Shackles are used in lifting and static system as removable links to connect (steel) wire rope, chain or other fittings. Safery bolt shackles are used for long-term or permanent applications or where the load may slide on the pin causing rotation of the pin.
Chain or dee shackles are mainly used on one-leg systems whereas anchor or bow shackles are mainly used on multi-leg systems.

Product Description

We, United Mekong Holding Company, offers a wide range of bow and dee shackles, depending on the application on which the shackle is going to be used; the range stretches from Working Load Limit (WLL) 0.33 tons to 1500 tons. Therefore, our customers have a very extensive range to choose the shackle exactly suitable for the application. Most of the shackles are directly available from stock. Furthermore, shackles can be supplied to many standards such as the US Federal Specification RR-C-271, EN 13889, British Standard 3032, DIN 82101, DIN 82016 ect.

Shackle Green Pin G4153


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