• Many years ago in the infancy of the offshore industry, people were transported to and from offshore rigs and platforms with the use of a cargo net. Personnel would hang on to the outside of the net and be moved from boat to rig. Quick and Effective. Billy Pugh Company’s 4 to 12 person transfer device is used to quickly and effectively transport personnel on and off of platforms. Safety without Confinement. All models are equipped with quick release safety lanyards to provide safety and give the rider confidence while in transit.  You told us you didn’t want to sit down and be buckled in.  We listened. Strong yet Lightweight. All X-904’s are made of a sturdy and very durable aluminum skeleton that encompasses the rider to protect them from falling objects and any side impact that may occur.
  • Our team of experienced technicians expertly manufacture the nets by hand to the clients specifications using  with knotless design,  All helicopter landing nets  go through a strict quality control process to ensure correct size and specifications before it is packaged for transport.

    Helideck dimension can be served according to the specific requirements of each customer

    Our helideck landing nets are packaged to allow for easy handling and transportation via road, ship or helicopter.


  • Material: PP/PE/Polyester/Nylon. Dia: 3 mét-12 mét. Border wire: 6 mét-12 mét. Snare: 50mmsq-100mmsq . Weight: 70gsm ~ 320gsm. Color: White. Technical: knotless, raschel, braded Packing: Plastic bags or bundles with woven bags or in cartons.
  • Substances composed of: Wire chest, abdominal straps are made from canvas fibers combined with nickel-plated steel hook is made, mechanical parts manufactured from stainless steel., Making it comfortable to use, easy assembly , preventable risk. Origin: Dargon – Vietnam Certifications: CQ