Helideck Landing Net

Our team of experienced technicians expertly manufacture the nets by hand to the clients specifications using  with knotless design,  All helicopter landing nets  go through a strict quality control process to ensure correct size and specifications before it is packaged for transport.

Helideck dimension can be served according to the specific requirements of each customer

Our helideck landing nets are packaged to allow for easy handling and transportation via road, ship or helicopter.


Product Description

Our antiskid helideck landing nets are manufactured in VietNam with the highest standards from manila rope material to ensure safety and durability. Specifically designed for use in high risk landing zones where it is essential to prevent helicopters skidding whilst landing, such as roof top helipads, ships, leisure yachts and offshore oil rigs where skidding is a greater risk due to the danger of oil deposits being present on the landing platform.


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