Personal Transfer Net

Many years ago in the infancy of the offshore industry, people were transported to and from offshore rigs and platforms with the use of a cargo net. Personnel would hang on to the outside of the net and be moved from boat to rig.

Quick and Effective.

Billy Pugh Company’s 4 to 12 person transfer device is used to quickly and effectively transport personnel on and off of platforms.

Safety without Confinement.

All models are equipped with quick release safety lanyards to provide safety and give the rider confidence while in transit.  You told us you didn’t want to sit down and be buckled in.  We listened.

Strong yet Lightweight.

All X-904’s are made of a sturdy and very durable aluminum skeleton that encompasses the rider to protect them from falling objects and any side impact that may occur.

Product Description

X-800 Series



Description Dimensions


X-870  4 person transfer net 72″ x 72″ x 16″ 256 lbs
X-871  Recommended for rough seas, 4 person net 72″ x 72″ x 16″ 270 lbs
X-871-6       6 person net, optional ABS Certification Report 84″ x 84″ x 16″ 350 lbs
X-871-8       8 person net 94″ x 94″ x 18″ 400 lbs
X-871-10      10 person net, optional ABS Certification Report 94″ x 94″ x 22″ 500 lbs
X-871-12      12 person net, optional ABS Certification Report 126″ x 126″ x 22″ 580 lbs
X-816 4 person net with 13′ load line 72″ x 72″ x 16″ 240 lbs
X-840  4 person net with 60″ bottom ring  60″ x 60″ x 16″  245 lbs
D/C      A  Double cable safety load line and air cushion available for purchase

X-904 Offshore Transfer Device (Personnel Baskets)

Product Specifications

SKU Description Dimensions Weight
X-904-4 4 Person Transfer Device 90” x 90” x 34” 600 lbs
X-904-6 6 Person Transfer Device 102” x 102” x 36” 700 lbs
X-904-8 8 Person Transfer Device 102” x 102” x 36” 900 lbs
X-904-10 10 Person Transfer Device 112” x 112” x 36” 1000 lbs
X-904-12 12 Person Transfer Device 120” x 120” x 54” 1200 lb


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